Pros and Cons of Windmills

Home wind turbineWind energy is one of the most cost-effective renewable energy resources, which is vastly and widely being adopted, especially on a mass scale to be a power generation source. By the mid of 2009, no less than 80 countries were using wind energy on a commercial level.

Unlike conventional fossil fuel power plants, windmills don’t emit any greenhouse gasses and even if they are removed they don’t leave any sort of pollution behind. Off shore wind farms and those set up at higher altitudes which produce more energy can return the investment in as little as three months, which is why they are becoming more and more popular, especially at homes.

But before you take further steps about adopting wind energy, consider a few pros and cons of windmills that should help you judge how suitable it can be for you. Below we have outlined several major positive and negative sides of using windmills at your home.

Pros of using windmills

  • Once set up, wind energy uses kinetic energy from wind for free forever, enabling you to utilize the energy of a force of nature that has a total potential of power generation larger than the current power consumption from all the power sources combined.
  • Wind energy is environment friendly and there are no carbon emissions or environmental hazards produced during power generation, as is the case with thermal energy.
  • Wind energy is more efficient than solar energy if provided the right capacity and conditions. A small wind turbine can create as much energy as 5 to 10 solar panels combined.
  • New designs and mechanism are being introduced through constant research to ensure the better use of wind turbines. Such has been the case in its improvement in output and noise reduction from what we used to get 5 to 10 years back.

There are also a few downsides to using windmills, so be sure to read about them below.

Cons of using windmills

  • The performance of wind mills depends on wind, weather and geography.
  • Wind energy, comparatively to solar panels, requires greater maintenance due to moving parts and you would have to replace the bearings of the turbine once every 5 years.
  • Wind mills can be a potential threat to the lives of flying animals like birds and bats.
  • Wind mills are immediately noticed at a particular location, and their visual impact may affect the desirability and property values in the neighborhood, which could create a hurdle to its installation in the first place.

Home windmills above a roof.Along with all the pros and cons, and otherwise important disadvantage is the cost of purchase and installation of windmills, which can be significantly reduced by a quality energy guide like this, as it enables you to create your own windmills for only a fraction of the cost and set them through a very simple and do-it-yourself methods.

And you can make this possible well under an expenditure of $200. The program is available with an 8 week full money-back guarantee, utilizing which you can reduce your electricity costs as much as 80%, or could eliminate your power bills altogether, providing you with a self-sufficient power generation mechanism.

In the end it’s all about saving money while also protecting the environment and investing into windmills is just as smart as investing into solar panels.

Scientists Develop Liquid Solar Cells

Liquid Solar Cells

Many alternatives to building solar cells have already been discovered, such as using spinach, but some recent discoveries by scientists at the University of Southern California (USC) invented a new type of solar cell made from nanocrystals.

These nanocrystals are apparently so tiny that you can fit 250 billion of them on a head of a pin, which is relevant because they can be made into an ink and then painted or printed on other surfaces. Theoretically you’ll be able to paint for example a plastic or even paper surface which would be able to gather solar power, and I’m sure you don’t need me to say how many possible benefits and practical applications this may have. These nano solar cells are not only convenient but also cheaper to produce than traditional silicon solar cells in use today.

“While the commercialization of this technology is still years away, we see a clear path forward toward integrating this into the next generation of solar cell technologies,” said Richard L. Brutchey, assistant professor of chemistry at USC. “…like you print a newspaper, you can print solar cells.”

There are a couple of downsides to this new discovery, as there always is. First these solar cells aren’t able to gather sunlight efficiently, and second the cadmium selenide coating used for them is toxic and can’t be used commercially. However it’s very likely that scientists will continue discovering alternatives to cadmium coating and improving the technology further, and in a few decades this will likely be a reality with everyday use.

How Renewable Energy Helps Protect The Environment

Solar Panel and Windmill

As a global community, one of the most serious threats that we are facing is of global warming and rapid climate shifts. These phenomenon which are apparently beyond our control, have been caused by our own negligence. The excessive burning of fossil fuels and unregulated power emissions are destroying the habitable environment of the planet, which is gradually making life difficult for human beings. In the wake of such a threat, power generation, is one of the most pivotal economic activities of our time, is emphasized to be carried out by means of renewable and eco-friendly sources.

Using solar panels and windmills is the best way to utilize the most efficient of renewable energy sources for generation of electricity. As solar and wind energy are being adopted increasingly for commercial electricity generation and institutional use, even in out of space, the technological advances and the sharing of knowledge by a few appreciable technical professionals, this amazing technology has come into the axis of every individual.

Through solar panels and windmills not only can you generate electricity for free forever, you can also get rid of cost paid for electricity supplied by electricity supply companies, many of which use hazardous means of power generation, like thermal and nuclear power generation. You could set an example for others by using solar panels and windmills as a source for the generation of the electricity required by you, and to discourage the use of electricity produced through means which are hazardous to the environment.

Not only doing so will benefit those adopting renewable energy sources, but will also be helpful to the environment. As solar and wind energy is going to be the ultimate power generation means of the future generations, your children will be thanking you for making an early start, or rather a not-too-late start.

You can judge for yourself the importance of protecting the environment. Useful guide programs like Earth4Energy play a very important role in propagating the use of solar panels and windmills and are therefore helping the environment. Earth4Energy is empowering people with the technology of utilizing solar panels and windmills affordably, which is in turn helping the cause of the preservation of the environment, as people find their economic interests coherent with the protection of the environment.

Paper Batteries: It’s Real

batteryImagine a world where all the batteries are made of paper. Various devices can be smaller, and used batteries wouldn’t hurt the environment. Thanks to Stanford researchers, we might be living in such a world soon. These batteries work thanks ink infused with carbon nanotubes and silver nanowires.

The idea is not entirely new, but the possibility of coloring paper with ink and making it a battery is impressive. Thanks to this technology batteries will be 20% lighter, and one of the excellent applications will be in electric cars. For a more detailed explanation, check the video below.

The Pros and Cons of Solar Panels

House with solar panels

Solar Panels are getting more popularity than any other alternative renewable energy source all around the world. Not only is it being used for mass power generation but also by domestic households, and is one of the major power sources of the future. Let us examine its pros and cons:

Solar panelsPros

  • The solar panels are one of the most cost-effective energy sources on planet earth, once installed and working.
  • Solar panels have no maintenance cost at all, other than periodic cleaning of the panels.
  • Solar panels are very easy to install, and do not require a lot of space. They can even be installed on top of houses. Furthermore, they are also appearing as the convenient solar panel house tiles, which actually integrate them into the structure of the house.
  • In contrast to other power sources, solar panels don’t even make a decibel of noise.
  • There are no moving parts involved, which means no wear and tear.
  • Using solar panels harness the energy of the sun, which will remain to be Nature’s most powerful energy source for the Earth. Solar panel technology can actually convert its energy into electricity and can be especially useful in certain geographical regions of the Earth, which receive more sunlight.
  • By using solar panels, you can create sufficient amounts of energy to fulfill the requirements of your household, and you could also benefit from a net-metering incentive, which may vary for different states and localities.


  • As solar panels require sunlight to produce electricity, they work only as long as the sun is out in full glow.
  • Environmental pollution can create a hindrance to their performance.
  • The performance of solar panels could be dependant on the geographical location.
  • The performance of solar panels could be affected by weather.

Eco-Shower With a Natural Filter

Drink your own shower water - now a reality!

Several scientists and designers came up with the idea of making a eco-friendly shower which purifies the water using natural filters. After washing in such a shower, the water passes through a series of filters as well as plants such as reeds and rushes. These plants are able to remove the chemicals from your shampoo. It’s a natural purification process and it can happen in your bathroom as well.

The end result is pleasing to the eye, unusual, innovative and most of all environment friendly.

We thought that by conceiving this very intricate relation between the recycling of water and the user experience, we could get the users to also re-think the way they use water‘, said Yasumoto, one of the designers of this innovative new shower.

No prototype has been made yet, but many are already intrigued by this concept and with a little luck we’ll start using these soon.

Is Power Production at Home Viable?

GrassElectricity has become an important part of our lives. Let it be work or play, getting connected with the rest of the world or performing tasks as simple as heating your food or water, electricity has established its place as a central commodity not only in the lives of an individual, but also for the global economy. Electricity is to the economy, as blood is to the human body. Considering its importance, the bills of power supply companies can sometimes make you wonder if you could get rid of them by producing your own electricity some day. But is it viable?

You must have heard a lot of people talking about producing their own electricity at home. But either you would not have given it a try, or you simply would have been disenchanted by a hoax. The truth is that it is very much possible to build your own powerhouse at home through the use of solar panels and windmills. But the element of caution is the fact that the purchase and installation costs of solar panels and windmills are so high, that it will outrightly be rejected by most of the people looking to produce their own electricity. So how is it possible then?

The only way you can produce your own electricity at home is by using solar panels and windmills, which you have built yourself instead of purchasing the industrially manufactured ones. The only feasible option is to produce your own electricity is not to buy, but to build solar panels and windmills, which you have been missing for all this time. And before you dismiss this notion as yet another hoax as well, consider the possibility of controlling all the electricity you need, the thought that must have kept you going all this time. Not only that, but you can reduce your electricity costs forever by using a source that clearly explains to you how to do it at a cost of under $200. Earth4Energy helps you out with all your energy problems. Thousands are using that source and many more people are becoming its users everyday, and each and every one of them has found it useful to the extent, that it has changed their lives.

Earth4EnergyNot only does it explain to you how to build your own solar panels and windmills, which are as good as the industrially manufactured ones in their functioning, and are portable as well, but it also explains, with the aid of video lectures,  the process of installation and electrification in such an easy manner, that even a person who has never even touched an electrical wire in his or her entire life can execute it successfully. And when you have had the system installed, it can take away your electricity costs up to 80%, or could even make your power bills vanish, and will put you in the driving seat as far as electrifying your house is concerned. A dream come true really!

And since you have been skeptical about a lot of false claims, which promised to help you to create your own powerhouse at home, you can be sure of the reliability and integrity of Earth4Energy, as it protects your investment by offering an 8 week full money-back guarantee, if the product doesn’t work for you. The choice is yours.

Put your investment and trust in safe and responsible hands. Try Earth4Energy today.

The Potential of Solar and Wind Energy

Stay greenAs the awareness about the dangerous effects of global warming and green house gas emissions increase, and the nations of the world feel threatened by the possible depletion of fossil resources in the future, the emphasis on alternate and renewable energy sources has been greater than ever. At the dawn of the 21st century, as the human civilization enters the age of information technology, electricity has become the spinal chord of the economy of the new age.

From the banking and the financial system of the world, to running even the smallest gadget found in every household, power is central to even the most trivial activities (day-to-day) of the human society. In such a scenario, each and every individual is dependent on this powerful resource, which has become a powerful determinant of the direction of global economy. And there is hardly any need to mention the importance of resources that are used to generate the resource of resources, that is, electricity. In order to strike a balance between the renewable and economical nature of sources of production, and the preservation and protection of environment, solar energy and wind energy have emerged to be considered the most efficient and adoptable by the nations of the world.

And as power generation by the usage of solar and wind energy commences on a commercial and institutional scale, innovations in these technologies are also opening to be explored by the masses. Till a very long time, the investment required to make use of these almost cost-free modes of power generation prevented the penetration of general public.

However, innovative do-it-yourself guides like Earth4Energy are changing the relationships of the masses with electricity production. With the passage of time, such devolution of technology would transform the economy of the new age forever. More and more people are benefiting from it every day and are enjoying the pleasure of one of the most important resources on the planet, that is, electricity.

Solar Panels and Windmills – The Power Generators of the 21st Century

EarthAs you enter the 21st century, our world is not the same place what it used to be decades ago. Its economy, modes of communication, level of technological advancements, means of transportation, organizational practices, environmental and planetary conditions, lifestyles and priorities, have largely changed. We are living in a world of computer and information technology, and electronic gadgets, which have made our lifestyles much comfortable, but it is not without a cost.

At the same time, we are being stared in the eye by some imminent and dangerous threats from nature, which are confronted by us due to our own malpractices. We are living in a world, the environment of which is badly affected by global warming, which is causing rapid climate shifts and other meteorological disasters. The burning of fossil fuels have intensified the greenhouse effect and the polar ice-caps started to melt, and ironically we are also worried about the exhaustion of the very source of our destruction, fossil fuels, on which the current economic setup is badly depending unfortunately. However, for the effective survival of our species and to improve our economic and environmental conditions, we must adopt renewable energy sources for power generation.

Windmills on a hill


The best forms of renewable energy sources being benefited from today are solar and wind energy. They are the most low cost and eco-friendly forms of energy, and no less than 80 countries have taken up power generation through the use of solar panels and windmills on commercial basis. There is no chance of exhaustion of these two gifts of nature, that is, the energy from the sunlight and the energy from the wind. As the world is improving its approach towards producing electricity, the transition to these excellent power sources cannot be attained unless each and every individual plays his or her role as well. You can also keep up with the pace of the world of the 21st century by using solar panels and windmills yourself. Not only would it prove to be useful and reducing your personal electricity costs, but will also help you in making your contribution to protect the environment and help reduce global warming.

But the question that many ask is, can we afford solar panels and windmills for the purpose of electricity production? Because another feature of the recent part of the 21st century has been a severe economic recession, the emphasis on cost reduction is also greater than ever before. But at the same time advances in technology have finally brought solar panels and windmills within the affordable and comfortable reach of almost any individual. Useful guides like Earth4Energy can make that possible by teaching you to build your own solar panels and windmills, since the purchase costs of solar panels and windmills are not by any means affordable.

Make use of solar panels and windmills today by following the easy to understand guide of Earth4Energy, which also uses video lectures for the ease of comprehension. With being able to setup your own powerhouse by using safe, environment friendly, and cost effective renewable energy sources through solar panels and windmills. Set an example for others by adopting the recommended practices of the new century.